What is Supplemental Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Unexpected costs in healthcare have almost become… expected. When an emergency comes up, many people have to stop and decide if getting medical attention is actually worth the hefty bills that come after. Supplemental insurance is for the extra costs that your insurance doesn’t cover. This can mean quick a few expenses including out of pocket costs, lost wages, vision, and dental care. Your coverage will depend on the plan you choose, but supplemental insurance is 100% customizable to your needs. Below we’ll walk through some important information and benefits of supplemental Insurance, but there’s so much more. If you have any further questions about supplemental insurance, contact Sean the Insurance Guy for a personal estimate and to determine which benefits are best for you.

Gaps in Medicare

Medicare is a great benefit for many Americans, however there are still areas that are missed. Supplemental insurance can help fill in those gaps to ensure that when you get surprised you’re still covered! Most Medicare plans do not cover prescriptions, long term care, and dental work. Supplemental insurance can also help cover deductibles for inpatient care, coinsurance, and outpatient or routine care. There are many different Medicare as well as Medigap insurance plans, so to find the plan that works best for you contact Sean the Insurance Guy today. Sean can walk you through a brief consultation and help you determine what kind of coverage you need!

Vision and Dental Care

While it is becoming more common for employers to offer vision and dental care, many smaller companies can’t always afford to have it as an option. Dental and vision complications are just as common as health related emergencies and when they are ignored they can cause severe issues that can also affect your overall health. Having routine dental and vision exams can diagnose other conditions such as glaucoma and high blood pressure, and can help alleviate symptoms like migraines and dizziness. Ignoring dental work can cause major problems that could result in infections, losing teeth, and even your ability to speak and eat. These coverages may seem optional, but they are just as important as your annual physical. 

Accident Coverage

This includes accidental death and dismemberment which can be caused by a traffic collision, a fall, accidental poisoning, or anything not deemed illness, homicide, or suicide. In some cases, it will also help cover additional costs following an accident. Accident Coverage shouldn’t be confused with life insurance. 

Critical Illness

No one wants to think about the possibility of getting sick, especially when that illness becomes critical. Critical illnesses can include cancer, organ failure, severe burns, and many others. These cause enough strain and stress on you and your family. Critical Illness Insurance can be used for travel costs, deductibles, living expenses such as food and utility bills, experimental treatments, childcare, and in some cases housekeeping.

You should consider supplemental insurance if you notice gaps in your insurance, you have young children that would require extra care should you become ill, or if you don’t have enough savings to cover a lapse in stable pay or your deductible. If you feel like supplemental insurance is right for you or you’d like more information, contact Sean the Insurance Guy today for a free consultation and quote!