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Healthcare Coverage for Individuals, Families, Groups, & Small Businesses

Does your healthcare plan lack the coverage you need? Sean the Insurance Guy is the answer to affordable health insurance! Whether you recently became uninsured, are paying too much for your policy, or you’re purchasing health insurance for the first time; we are ready and eager to help.

Some of the healthcare plans we can help you with include:

  • Major Medical-ACA Compliant
  • Short Term
  • Fixed Benefit
  • Guaranteed Issue

Learning more is easy – call us at 920-215-1150.

Your Health is Unique, We’ll Personalize a Plan for You!

We truly believe every individual and family deserves an affordable healthcare plan that meets their unique and specific needs. When you’re navigating the process alone, it can be difficult to assure you’re getting the best plan. Sean the Insurance Guy will customize a plan to fit your coverage needs and budget. He’ll also walk you through your policy so you know exactly how to use it and what to expect when you do. Contact us today to get started!

Is Employer Coverage Your Best Option? Let’s Find Out!

Health insurance is an awesome employee benefit, but the coverage may not stack up to your needs. When the plans offered through your employer don’t cut it for your family, call Sean the Insurance Guy! We’ll help you determine if an individual plan could offer you better coverage options at a more affordable price.

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