Do I Really Need Dental Insurance?

You may be thinking some of these thoughts when it comes to dental insurance, or lack thereof..:

I brush my teeth and floss regularly, I don’t need the dentist to clean my teeth.. 

My teeth are straight and I had braces as a kid.. I should be good

Dental insurance sounds expensive.. 

I don’t like to go to the dentist, so I just won’t go and I’ll be fine.

While all these thoughts are common and seem fair enough, the truth is – dental insurance is just as important as health insurance. But unlike health insurance, employers aren’t required to provide dental coverage. Your teeth and gums are critical for your long term health. Many serious health issues can stem from poor dental hygiene or things that could have been caught and addressed early on by your dentist.

Don’t just assume dental insurance is too expensive. I happen to be the best (in my opinion, as well as others) at finding the best and most affordable dental insurance plans for your specific situation. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to any type of insurance. When you work with me, we will go over all your options and find out what best fits your lifestyle, family situation and budget. I urge you to take your dental health and dental coverage seriously. With the right insurance, you will be able to get your teeth cleaned every 6 months as recommended as well as get your annual dental exams.

So ready to talk about dental insurance? Contact me, Sean the Insurance Guy, to get started with your free, absolutely no obligation consultation and quote today!