5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Summertime is the perfect time to jump start your health. (And we don’t mean jump on any crazy crash diets or “30 days to perfect abs” to become “bikini ready”) Most people try and start new lifestyles in January because it feels like a fresh start, but summer means fresh air, sunshine, and better moods! Here are 5 simple ways to kick your health goals into full gear in summer!

  1. Get outside! Obviously, right?! Getting outside doesn’t mean running half marathons or ripping out all of your landscaping. Just being outside in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day (with proper UV protection!) can increase your vitamin D, elevate your mood, promote weight loss, fight depression, improve sleep, and has so many other amazing benefits! Go for a walk, sit and drink your morning coffee outside, or just relax and watch your kids play while soaking in the sun!
  2. Plant a small garden. Gardening is extremely beneficial, and not just the yummy produce and beautiful flowers! Maintaining even a small garden is said to relieve stress, boost your mood, decrease dementia risk, and reduce loneliness! I know, that’s a lot to put on a few potted plants, but it also forces you to enjoy some fresh air and gives you something to look forward to!
  3. Eat more fresh foods. Some of the best produce is freshest during the summer including watermelon, berries, corn, cucumbers, summer squash, and so many other yummy foods! Take advantage of the fresh produce and the amazing health benefits they offer! Beyond losing some weight, more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you feel better overall from your mood to how you see yourself in the mirror!
  4. Bring a water bottle everywhere you go. Get yourself a brand new water bottle that fits your style and carry it with you everywhere so you can sip every chance you get! Hydration is important to keep every aspect of your health on track from your immune system to your mental health!
  5. Involve your family and friends. Getting those around you excited will help you stay focused on whatever goals you have set for yourself! Get your kids to do a morning yoga session with you after breakfast or gather a group of friends to go walk around a park! Getting friends involved will also help keep you accountable! Plus, getting healthy is just more fun with friends!

Getting healthy isn’t about strict restrictions and dragging your body through the mud to shed a few pounds. It’s about setting achievable goals and taking simple steps to change your lifestyle. The best start to any new healthy habits is getting connected with your doctor to get a base point of where you need to focus. If you feel you don’t have access to affordable insurance, contact me today to discuss your health insurance options!